Royal Saudi Land Forces (RSLF) Execute (Tabuk-5) Exercise in Northwestern Region

Tabuk, Saudi Arabia, Commander of the Northwest Region Maj. General Hussein bin Saeed Al-Qahtani attended the mixed bilateral ground exercise (Tabuk-5), which was launched last Thursday, with the participation of Egyptian land forces, it was reported today.

The four-day exercise aims to enhance military cooperation between the two countries, raise the efficiency of combat units, exchange information and military expertise and enhance readiness to confront any potential threat.

Director of the exercise Maj. General Khaled Mohammed Al-Khashrami said that the exercise is one of several military drills scheduled in the joint military exercises plan with friendly and brotherly countries aiming to unify concepts and joint work between ground forces of the two countries as part of the series of joint (Tabuk-5) exercises implemented by RSLF with its Egyptian counterpart.

Al-Khashrami said that operational plans for this exercise were carried out with professionalism between the two sides as per highest levels of safety followed in such activities, using simulators and live ammunition by various ground units.

Source: Saudi Press Agency