Royal Institute for Traditional Arts is a Bridge Linking Glorious Past with Prosperous Present

Riyadh, Chief Delivery Support Officer and Acting Chief Marketing and Communication Officer at Quality of Life Program Khalid Al-Baker stressed that the support by Prince Badr bin Abdullah bin Farhan, Minister of Culture, to the Royal Institute for Traditional Arts is a qualitative leap on the way of enriching and enhancing arts and culture in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as part of Saudi Vision 2030, to revive and enhance our national identity and work on our heritage in an institutional way.

The inauguration ceremony of the institute was held yesterday in the presence of Deputy Minister of Culture Hamed Fayez; Institute Director Suzan Al-Yahya; and CEO of Quality of Life Program Eng. Ahmed bin Hassan Badhris.

The institute will focus on education and training in the traditional arts sector and will support practitioners and artists to enrich Saudi traditional arts entrepreneurship locally and internationally.

Al-Baker said: “The institute is part of the Quality of Life Program initiatives and will act as a connection between our prosperous present and glorious past under the slogan Live Identity", adding that the institute will provide courses in the sectors of museums, traditional performing arts, studies of the traditional visual arts among others.

He noted that the top purposes of the institute is to highlight the national identity through enriching traditional arts, encouraging and training talents and capabilities in the field, supporting talents, distinguished people and entrepreneurs in traditional arts, maintaining the basics of material and non-material traditional arts, in addition to raising awareness of traditional arts in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Source: Saudi Press Agency