RedSeaIFF Continues its Activities by Launching Red Sea Competition for Long and Short Films

Jeddah, The Red Sea International Film Festival (RedSeaIFF) has continued its activities by launching the Red Sea Competition, which will showcase the most important creative achievements of filmmakers in its special sets for long and short films.

The line-up of 26 short films and 15 long films will present a distinguished group of talents from the Arab, African and Asian world, showcasing some of the most exciting, unique and impressive work produced in the past year.

The RedSeaIFF presents various programs and events with the aim of enhancing knowledge exchange, stimulating joint production and creating new opportunities for cooperation, distribution and production.

The RedSeaIFF attracts representatives from 46 countries, on the 3rd and 6th of December, as it gives attendees the opportunity to communicate and learn about the vital Saudi cinematic scene, in addition to the best productions in the Arab and African region.

The CEO of RedSeaIFF Mohammed Al-Turki, said that the 2nd session of the RedSeaIFF is being provided by unprecedented importance, along with remarkable attendance of cinema lovers, storytellers, talents and specialists in the film industry from all over the world.

Source: Saudi Press Agency


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