Rahi pursues pastoral visit to Amman, calls for spiritual summit

Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Bechara Boutros Rahi, currently in Jordan, visited on Tuesday the Latin Diocese of Swifian in Amman, where he met with the Council of Heads of Churches in Jordan, in the presence of Latin Patriarchal Vicar of Jordan, William Shomali, and Apostolic Nuncio of Jordan Archbishop Alberto Ortega.

The meeting was also attended by heads and representatives of the Orthodox, Catholic and Evangelical Protestant Churches in Jordan.

In his delivered word, Patriarch Rahi hailed the cooperation of the churches and their united stand in spreading the word of the Gospel. He stressed the unity, steadfastness and cooperation amongst the various churches in all the holy lands, notably in Jordan, Palestine, Iraq and Syria.

Rahi underlined the paramount importance of the language of peace and loving, saying that the Christian community in Lebanon lives in national coexistence with their brethren Muslims. "We live in solidarity and in unity," he corroborated, calling on all the youths to remain steadfast in their lands. He hailed the countries of the region as rich in their culture, civilization and history, saying: "we have the right to preserve them."

Rahi vehemently rejected the recent Israeli Knesset's law, stressing the need for holding a spiritual summit in service of I believe that we must hold a spiritual summit to serve humanity and mankind. "We all reject the policy of exclusion," he maintained.

Source: National News Agency