Public Prosecution to appeal acquittal ruling in intelligence case

The High Criminal Court today acquitted Ali Salman Ali Ahmad, Hassan Ali Juma Sultan and Ali Mahdi Ali Al Aswad in the case of intelligence with Qatar. However, Advocate General Osama Al Oufi said he would appeal the ruling.

Al Oufi said that the Public Prosecution had submitted strong and varied evidence that included communication records between the defendants and Qatari officials that proved beyond any doubt the intelligence links between them with the purpose of inciting the violence and chaos that struck the kingdom in 2011.

The conspirators also worked on undermining the national efforts exerted to control and eventually eliminate the subversive acts of violence and consequently thwart the drive by the authorities to achieve stability.

Testimonies by witnesses evidenced the acts of violence and the extent of conspiracy between the defendants and Qatari officials as well as the intelligence provided by the conspirators about the movements of security forces and the Peninsula Shield troops to tackle the incidents, killings and acts of sabotage targeting Bahrainis, residents and public property.

The testimonies also supported the material evidence presented by the Public Prosecution that revealed the tasks assigned to the defendants by Qatari officials, he said.

The Advocate General said that the court in its decision to acquit the defendants did not properly assess the evidence and pronounced a ruling that did not match the accusations as revealed both in the investigations and in the trial sessions, particularly that the defendants and their lawyers could not refute the charges.

He said that the Public Prosecution, based on the evidence in its possession, would appeal the verdict.

Bahrain's laws allow the prosecution and the defendants to appeal a ruling at the court of appeals and at the court of cassation.

Source: Bahrain News Agency