The General Directorate of Protocol and Public Relations at the Presidency of the Republic issued a memorandum, in coordination with the Protocol Departments of the Parliament and the Council of Ministers, which included a program to honor the men of independence, on the occasion of the 78th anniversary, by laying wreaths at their tombs in the name of the “Lebanese Republic” on Sunday, November 21, according to the following:

- Statue of President Bechara El-Khoury on Bechara El-Khoury Street: Minister Henry Khoury at 10:00am.

—Tomb of President Camille Chamoun in Deir El Qamar: Minister Hector Hajjar at 11:30am.

-Tomb of President Fouad Chehab in Ghazir: Minister Maurice Selim at 10:00am.

-Tomb of Speaker Sabri Hamadeh in Hermel: Minister Ali Hamiyah at 11:00am.

-Tomb of Premier Adel Oseiran in the Al-Bawaba Al-Fawqa cemetery in Sidon: Minister Youssef Al-Khalil at 11:00am.

-Tomb of Premier Riad El Solh in Ouzai: Minister Abbas Al-Halabi at 10:00am.

-Tomb of Premier Abdel Hamid Karami in Tripoli: Minister Bassam Mawlawi at 10:00.

-Tomb of Premier Saeb Salam in the cemetery of the martyr in the locality of Qasqas: Minister Nasser Yassin

It's 10.30am.

-Tomb of Premier Rafic Hariri in Martyrs' Square: Minister Bassam Mawlawi at 12:00.

-Tomb of Speaker Habib Abu Shahla in Mar Elias Butina: Minister Walid Fayyad at 11:00am.

-Tomb of Minister Salim Takla in Zouk Mikael: Minister Walid Nassar at 11:30am.

-Tomb of Prince Majid Arslan in Khalde: Minister Mustafa Bayram at 10:30am.

-Tomb of Minister Hamid Franjieh in Ehden: Minister Johnny Al-Qarm at 11:00am.

- Statue of Sheikh Pierre Gemayel in Bikfaya: Minister Georges Bouchikian at 11:00am.

- Tomb of the late Adnan al-Hakim in Bachoura: Minister Amin Salam at 9:30am.

-Minister Issam Sharaf El-Din will visit at 11:30 a.m. the same day the Independence House in Bchamoun, while MP Qassem Hashem will visit Rashaya Castle at 11:30 a.m.

On Monday, November 22, the Minister of National Defense, Maurice Selim, will lay a wreath in the name of the “Lebanese Republic” on the base of the statue of Prince Fakhreddine at the Ministry of National Defense in Yarzeh at eleven o’clock in the morning.

Minister Abbas Al-Halabi lays a wreath in front of the memorial plaque in the locality of Zarif, where President Rene Moawad was martyred, at 2:00 pm.

On the other hand, Deputy Prime Minister His Excellency Al-Shami lays a wreath at the tomb of the martyr of independence Said Fakhreddine in Ain Enoub, at eleven o'clock in the morning on Monday, November 22.

President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, followed up on the general situation in the country and the ongoing contacts to address the situation that has arisen in the relations between Lebanon and Saudi Arabia and a number of Gulf countries, in the context of affirming Lebanon's desire to establish the best relations with the Arab countries in general and the Gulf countries in particular.

Former Minister Freij Sabonjian and Dr. Fouad Abu Nader:

President Aoun met former Minister Freij Sabunjian and Dr. Fouad Abu Nader, today at Baabda Palace, and discussed with them the economic conditions and ways to address them and limit their negative repercussions on Lebanese society.

Bishop Issam Youhanna Darwish:

The President received Archbishop of Ferzol, Zahle and Bekaa for the Melkite Greek Catholic Archbishop Issam Yohanna Darwish, who handed him an invitation on behalf of the diocese to attend the sunset prayer in which the rank of the new pastor of the diocese will take place, Archbishop Ibrahim Mikhael Ibrahim, on Saturday 18 December. The next prayer is at 3:30 in the Cathedral of Our Lady of Salvation in Zahle.

The ceremony will be preceded by the reception of the new bishop in the Diocese Square at three o'clock in the afternoon. Note that Archbishop Ibrahim will celebrate the Divine Liturgy on Sunday, December 19, at twelve noon.

For his part, President Aoun wished the new bishop success in his spiritual responsibilities, praising the efforts made by Archbishop Darwish during his tenure of the Diocese of Ferzol, Zahle and the Bekaa.

Source: National News Agency