Planning Ministry opens the office of the Integration Project /Takamul/ to reform the financial management in Iraq

BAGHDAD, Planning Minister Salman Al-Jumaili opened the Integration Project / Takamul/ (Good Governance and Improving Performance in Iraq), which was set up by the Ministry in cooperation with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to reform Iraq's financial administration and improve the delivery of basic public services.

"The Takamul project is the fruit of cooperation between the Ministry of Planning and the US Agency for International Development," he said. "This project is part of several other projects carried out by the Ministry in cooperation with the US Agency."

He added that "Takamul" project comes to reform the financial management and improve the delivery of basic public services, praising the efforts of the American side to support development in Iraq."

The Director of the Takamul project in the Ministry of Planning, Sadiq al-Ghazali said that the project is one of the projects funded by the USID International Development Agency, stressing that the goal of this project is to work with Iraqi governments in the form of ministries and provinces in order to develop the capabilities of staff in many areas, Projects, decentralization and many other areas. "

He added that the project provides service to the Contracts Department in particular and work with them to prepare and issue standard documents at the level of small and medium, as well as the preparation of trainers and the establishment of training courses either with the central government or with the Kurdistan Regional Government in cooperation with the Department of General Government Contracts in the Ministry of Planning.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency