PKK announces the killing of 18 Turkish soldiers

BAGHDAD, The PKK has killed 18 Turkish soldiers in a series of operations in the Golmerk, Dersem and Butlis districts of Kurdistan, in Turkey.

The PKK armed wing of the PKK said in a statement that on June 18, the women's free-starter units carried out an operation against the Turkish army in Guli district of Gulmerk province, killing five soldiers of the Turkish army.

The statement added that the fighters of the Popular Defense Forces targeted the evening of the day a convoy of the Turkish army near the village of Jamah on the road Golmerk - Gli, which led to the destruction of an armored vehicle and killed 10 soldiers and wounded several others.

The Popular Defense Forces (PDF) also reported that three Turkish soldiers were killed and two others were wounded in another operation on June 17.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency