Pescheux: For a national unity government that would fortify Lebanon and translate Rome, Paris, Brussels Conferences

French Charge d'Affaires, Arnaud Pescheux, called Wednesday for forming a government of national unity that would reinforce and strengthen the country and implement the decisions adopted in the Rome, Paris and Brussels Conferences.

Pescheux's words came during a luncheon banquet held in his honor by Beirut Archbishop Boulos Matar, in presence of the Embassy's senior staff, following a Mass service devoted to France at "Our Lady's Church" in Ain Saadeh earlier today.

Thanking the Archbishop for his warm hospitality and thoughtful gesture in holding a tribute Mass for France, Pescheux said, "I would like to particularly commend the improvement in the security situation in Lebanon. This result can only be admired by my country, which will remain an essential partner for Lebanon."

"At the political level, I would like to applaud the re-establishment of institutions. Lebanon is characterized by its stability, especially in the region, and can be proud of its solid institutions and the consolidation of the culture of democracy among its inhabitants," the French diplomat went on.

Pescheux hoped that "a government that embodies national unity will be formed quickly and will be able to work effectively because Lebanese citizens, by going to the polls, have expressed their strong aspirations for reform, and because the formation of the government is necessary to immunize Lebanon against destabilizing repercussions in a volatile regional environment."

"Finally, like other partners in Lebanon, we need interlocutors to work with to translate the announcements we made during the Rome, Paris and Brussels Conferences on the ground," Pescheux concluded.

Source: National News Agency