OIC Condemns Targeting Residential Neighborhoods in Ahad Al-Masharha and Jazan with Two Bomb-laden UAVs

Jeddah, The Secretary-General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), Dr. Yousef bin Ahmed Al-Othaimeen, condemned, in the strongest terms, targeting a residential neighborhood in the Ahad Al-Masharha governorate, Saudi Arabia, by a bomb-laden UAV, which resulted in the damage of some homes after intercepting it.

The Secretary-General also condemned the failed attempt of the terrorist Houthi militia to target civilians and civilian objects in the city of Jazan, Saudi Arabia, with a bomb-laden UAV, praising at the same time the efficiency and skill of the Saudi air defenses, which intercepted and destroyed it before reaching its target.

He called on the international community to take firm positions to stop the continuation of cowardly threats with ballistic missiles and UAVs by the Houthi militia, targeting civilians and civilian objects, stressing the firm position of the OIC, which considers such practices as a blatant challenge to international humanitarian laws and norms.

Dr. Al-Othaimeen affirmed the support of the OIC for all measures taken by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to maintain its security and stability and the safety of citizens and residents on its territories.

Source: Saudi Press Agency