Moussawi, WB delegation broach World Bank financed projects in Tyre district

Member of the "Loyalty to the Resistance" bloc, Deputy Nawwaf Al Moussawi, met on Thursday with World Bank Mashreq Regional Director, Saroj Kumar Jha, with whom he discussed World Bank-financed projects in Tyre district.

Attending the meeting had been World Bank Lebanese representative, Mona Kouzi, Program Leader in the Equitable Markets, Finance and Institutions Global Practices Group, Peter Mousley, Water Supply & Sanitation Specialist, Sally Zgheib, Senior Water Resources Management Specialist, Amal Talbi, Leader of the Small and Medium-Sized Entreprises department in World Bank, Zeina Khoury, Expert in Transportation at World Bank, Ziad Nakad, as well as Communications and External Affairs officer, Mona Ziade.

During the meeting, the World Bank delivered a presentation featuring the contributions made by the latter, as well as the vision of concerned parties.

In turn, Deputy Moussawi gave a presentation highlighting needs and priorities of Tyre district, including resolving the trash crisis, the electricity and sewage water problems, creating job opportunities for residents of all categories, in addition to suggesting the establishment of an international port and transit in Naqoura.

The lawmaker also discussed each dossier with the concerned parties of the World Bank, whom, in return, gave their inputs. After trading notes and expectations about essentials for the projects, the delegation delivered a soon to be implemented project.

Additionally, Saroj Kumar Jha requested of Moussawi a cooperation to expedite legislation when it comes to the World Bank and its missions.

"The key to resolving the economic crisis in Lebanon lies in tending to electricity problem, not only for the citizens' sake but also to resolve the deficit in the budget," the Regional Director stated.

On another level, Deputy Moussawi followed up on the request of South Lebanon Water Establishment, which entailed procuring a loan to finance the proposed projects and constructions.

Caretaker Water and Energy Minister Cesar Abi Khalil and Caretaker Minister of Finance Ali Hassan Khalil agreed to grant a loan of LBP 35 billion. Financing the suggested projects and completely managing them on all different aspects contributes to securing sustainable development for the establishment, not to mention providing proper services for the citizens.

"We will continue to support South Lebanon Water Establishment so that it could provide water for the citizens of the South," Moussawi said as thanking the two ministers.

Source: National News Agency