Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development Announces Start of Applying Decision Banning Work under Sun

Riyadh– The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development is scheduled to start applying the ministerial decision No. (3337) issued on 15/7/1435 Hijri stipulating the ban of working under the sun to all facilities of the private sector as of Wednesday Thul Qidah 16, 1443 Hijri corresponding to June 15, 2022 between 12 noon and 3pm and the decision will continue into force till Safar 19, 1444 Hijri corresponding to September 15, 2022.

The ministry called on employers to organize working hours and implement the decision to limit vocational injuries and diseases and improve productivity, where violations of the decision can be reported through the unified customer service No. 19911 or through the ministry's application available on smart phones, where the ministry also published the (Procedure manual for health and vocational safety to prevent dangers of being subject to the sun and heat stress) on its website so that employers can check on it and apply it.

The decision is part of the ministry's keenness to preserve the safety and health of employees in the private sector and ensure their commitment to providing a healthy and safe work environment for workers and to make them avoid whatever that can put them under health risks according to safety conditions and vocational health requirements.

Source: Saudi Press Agency