Minister of Industry: Percentage of National Products Displayed in Some Retail Stores Reaches 70%

Riyadh, Aug 7, 2022, SPA -- The Saudi Exports Development Authority, represented by “Made in Saudi Arabia” Program, has signed joint cooperation agreements with the largest retail stores in the Kingdom with the aim of allocating platforms and outlets to display national goods that apply to the “Saudi Made” identity, with the aim of enhancing the aspect of pride and loyalty in national industries by directing purchasing power towards them, under the umbrella of the program.

The largest local stores in the Kingdom began to allocate spaces within their distribution points and branches to highlight national products with the identity of Saudi made in partnership with the “Made in Saudi Arabia” Program, in order to enhance the presence of local products and increase their popularity within local markets and make them a preferred option for consumers.

The Minister of Industry and Mineral Resources, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Exports Development Authority, Bandar bin Ibrahim Al-Khorayef stressed during his visit to the major retail stores in Riyadh the importance of highlighting Saudi products and giving them priority, considering that major retail stores are an important part of the journey to maximizing the value of local content, and increasing the spread and popularity of national products in the local market.

Al-Khorayef explained that the national products displayed in some retail stores in the local markets amount to 70% out of more than 128,000 types and products, stressing that the industry and mineral wealth system works with major national stores, helping them to find products from within the Saudi market through national factories, and raising the percentage of its presence in distribution points, and finding logistical solutions through the services provided by the Saudi Authority for Industrial Cities and Technology Zones (MODON) in order to facilitate the process of storing products and delivering them to local markets.

He also indicated that the step of highlighting national products in local markets is of great importance to enhance the growth of the national economy and diversify the economic base, stressing the need to give greater opportunities to small and medium industrial enterprises working in the production of food and pharmaceutical industries, and consumer products to supply the local market with products and the services it provides will contribute to the diversity and provision of national products and increase their popularity in the local markets.

Source: Saudi Press Agency