Minister of Economy and Planning: Saudi Arabia focuses on sustainability, high efficiency in using energy

Riyadh-- Saudi Minister of Economy and Planning Faisal Al-Ibrahim has stressed that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia focuses on sustainability and high efficiency in using energy and sustainable fuel in aviation, and that Saudi Arabia is committed to realizing all these goals, noting that the world is changing rapidly, especially that the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic was a reason for efforts of speeding up transformation over the past two years.

Delivering a speech during the Future Aviation Forum, currently organized by the General Authority for Civil Aviation in Riyadh, the minister noted that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is ready for investment and development for the recovery from the pandemic, and for preparing global policies and procedures that match the new economy, adding that the economy has resumed after the pandemic and moved to stimulating the aviation sector and its industry.

He added that one of the most important examples is digital transformation and focusing on having expertise, experiences and performance in the field of travel and passengers, noting that there is a trend in financing to reach more than USD 37 billion to support the travel and tourism field and to realize prosperity and growth, stressing that the aviation sector has a great ability to realize the targets of the Saudi Vision 2030.

The minister referred to the importance of diversity in economy, noting that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has several economic fields for diversity, one of them is industry, investment in the logistics, services, development and empowerment in the aviation sector and industry, stressing that Saudi Arabia has several strengths and supports innovation, industries , technologies, youth capabilities and entrepreneurs, as well as enhancing work on regional and local demand for tourism and aviation economies.

Al-Ibrahim stressed that Saudi Arabia has embarked on implementing digital application, e-government and attracting efficiencies due to the challenges facing the aviation sector in the world, noting that airports in Saudi Arabia, through Saudi Vision 2030, will provide several job opportunities to enhance national investments.

He also reiterated that world countries should focus on economic growth and that industrial sectors, mainly the aviation sector, greatly boost economic growth, calling on decision makers to focus on sustainable lines.

Source: Saudi Press Agency