Miles pays farewell visit to Osseiran

Development and Liberation" Parliamentary Bloc Member, MP Ali Osseiran, met Wednesday with outgoing Australian Ambassador to Lebanon, Glenn Miles, bidding him farewell at the end of his office term in Beirut.

The encounter was a chance to dwell on various hour issues and bilateral relations.

"We discussed Australia's important support for Lebanon, on which we pin high hopes to strengthen the ties between the two countries and the Lebanese and Australian peoples," Osseiran said following the meeting.

"We always ask for support from Australia and other friendly countries through the United Nations to deter Israel from its practices and threats to Lebanon, and to stand by Lebanon in restoring its right to extracting its oil and gas wealth in the sea and in the Lebanese territorial waters," he added.

"The Ambassador and I also discussed the special care that Australia gives to Lebanese emigrants, especially that they have a leading role in their second country, Australia," Osseiran went on.

At the Syrian level, MP Osseiran noted that he detected in his talks with Ambassador Miles Australia's satisfaction towards current circumstances in Syria.

"I assured him that Syria has been subjected to a global conspiracy and a world war that has undoubtedly caused the destruction of houses and the displacement of the population from Syria, whom we have embraced," he added.

"Today, they [Syrian refugees] began a voluntary and willful safe return to their country following its stability and Syria's restoration of most of its territories from the Muslim Takfiriis," Osseiran pointed out.

"I also confirmed to Ambassador Miles that the war in Syria has no fundamental reason and that we, in Lebanon, are determined to support the Syrian people and the Syrian state to restore stability and impose security and calm on Syrian soil," he asserted.

Source: National News Agency