Mikati from Diman: Talks about legislation in absence of executive authority not serious

Former Prime Minister, MP Najib Mikati visited on Wednesday the Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Mar Bechara Boutros Rahi at his summer residence in Diman in the presence of members of the "Center Independent" Parliamentary bloc: Jean Obeid, Nicolas Nahas and Ali Darwish.

In the wake of the meeting, Mikati delivered a statement in which he said "Everyone is talking about quotas and not about competencies and policies that should be followed in the future in the light of the great challenges that await the upcoming government."

"No one can launch any warnings to the premier-designate, who was tasked by the majority, and looks forward to forming a government that is at the level of challenges," he said. "It is normal for the government to represent different political groups and bodies."

Pertaining to the possibility of holding parliamentary sessions in the presence of an outgoing government, Mikati said "We do not want to get into this controversy because I think Speaker Berri has the wisdom not to raise such an issue at the present time. In principle, the constitution confirms the separation of powers. I believe that when the House of Representatives convenes under Strong legislative authority and in the absence of an executive authority because of resignation, this means imbalance. I also believe that Speaker Berri is keen not to cause any imbalances in Lebanon."

Asked whether this proposal was serious, Mikati replied: "This is something I do not regard as serious."

Source: National News Agency