“Masam” a New Gift From the Kingdom of Humanity

Riyadh, Shawwal The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is preparing to launch its humanitarian project "Masam" on Monday, Shawwal 11 , 1439 AH corresponding to 25-6-2018, represented by King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center. This project came out of the teachings of Islam, which calls for helping the needy people and the preservation of human life, dignity, and health. Also it is an extension of the Humanitarian role of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its global message in this regard.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's support for Humanitarian issues comes from its consistent policy of cooperation between nations and peoples in order to promote the world peace and preserve human gains regardless of the religion or race.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has earned the title of "Kingdom of Humanity" for being the world's greatest supporter of all forms of relief activities through its humanitarian initiatives, donations and assistance to affected countries, whether due to wars or natural disasters.

Source: Saudi Press Agency