Magnitude 5.9 Quake Hits Northwest Turkey

Ankara, Turkey-- A magnitude 5.9 earthquake hit a town in northwest Turkey early Wednesday, causing damage to some buildings and widespread panic. Around 35 people were injured, mostly while trying to flee homes, the AP reported.

The earthquake was centered in the town of Golkaya, in Duzce province, some 200 kilometers (125 miles) east of Istanbul, the Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency said.

It struck at 04:08 a.m. (01:08 GMT) and was felt in Istanbul, in the capital Ankara and other parts of the region. Dozens of aftershocks were reported, including one magnitude 4.3.

Around 800 people were killed in a powerful earthquake that hit Duzce on Nov. 12, 1999. In August of that year, 17,000 people were killed by another powerful temblor that devastated nearby Kocaeli province and other parts of northwest Turkey.

Officials said around 80% of the buildings in the area were rebuilt or fortified following the 1999 earthquakes, which helped minimize damage.

Turkey sits on top of major fault lines and is frequently shaken by earthquakes.

Source: Saudi Press Agency


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