Louis Caro: The Political Blocs Are Looking For Their Interests .. The Quotas Will Remain The Same

Baghdad, The former Christian member of the House of Representatives Louis Caro accused the political blocs of seeking their own interests at the expense of the public interest. Added "The quota will remain,"

Caro said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / "The political blocs are looking for their interests and it is not different from the dialogues of previous sessions."

"Each bloc tries to drag things to its advantage and in different ways and means, and there is nothing new in this movement."

The former Christian MP added: "The new terminology, such as the national space and cross-sectarian bloc, is a lie, and the real talk revolves around the benefits and all the blocs are trying to drag elections for their benefit," noting: "The quota is and will remain as it is, and internal blocs and forces, in some cases, are influenced by regional and international parties "

It is noteworthy that the winning political blocs continue their dialogues and discussions on the formation of the largest bloc for the nomination of the next prime minister.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency