Land transport unions to go on strike next week

Lebanon's land transportation syndicates and unions have decided to go on strike forthcoming Thursday, August 2, in escalation of its peaceful mobilization.

The decision followed an extraordinary meeting the unions had held earlier today (Thursday) at the headquarters of the General Labor Confederation, with GLC head Beshara Asmar attending.

"The country cannot survive without a transport plan that takes into consideration citizens' needs," Asmar said.

"The concerned syndicates and unions have received nothing but promises until now," he added.

"The following move will take place next week if their demands remain unmet," he indicated.

For his part, the head of the Lebanese Union of Public Drivers explained that the strike would take place on Thursday instead of Wednesday because of the National Army Day, vowing to carry on mobilization until drivers' need are fulfilled.

"We will not stop until our demands are met," Bassam Tleiss said, adding that the unions will meet on Tuesday before to coordinate the strike's program.

Source: National News Agency