KSA Reasserts Firm Diplomatic Stance Rejecting Foreign Interference, in Internal Affairs, Dr. Al-Mark Says

Riyadh, Former Saudi Ambassador to Bahrain Dr. Abdulmohsen Fahd Al-Mark reconfirmed that Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of 1961, is the backbone of diplomatic relations of the world of today, citing Article 41 of the Convention which stipulates that diplomats must not interfere in the internal affairs of the host country, and that must be respected by all signatory states, on establishing diplomatic relations, sending or receiving diplomatic missions.

He pointed out that what distinguishes the Kingdom, is the quality of foreign and Arab ambassadors accredited to the Kingdom and based in the capital Riyadh.

The main duties of a diplomatic mission to the host state, in accordance with Article III of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, are to strengthen the bonds of friendly relations and to strengthen economic, cultural and scientific relations between the host and ambassador's states, he stated.

He stressed that the statement issued by the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the Canadian Foreign Ministry and its embassy in the Kingdom statements, is fully in line with international diplomatic laws and customs.

The ministry, he added, also reaffirmed that the Canadian position is an explicit interference in the internal affairs of the Kingdom as it runs contrary to international norms and trespassing the judicial authority in the Kingdom, in addition to the principle of sovereignty.

Former ambassador concluded that the Saudi diplomatic position is not new rather it renews message in which the Kingdom reaffirms commitment to sovereignty and interest in non-interfering in the internal affairs of any country, based on its principle and values.

Source: Saudi Press Agency