Khoury calls for govt formula that gains President’s approval, Parliament’s confidence

Member of Parliament, Salim Khoury, on Tuesday called for a governmental formula that gains the President's approval and the Parliament's vote of confidence.

Interviewed by the Voice of Lebanon radio station, the lawmaker also stressed the need for a serious initiative by the Prime Minister-designate for a breakthrough in the cabinet formation process.

As for a possible meeting between the PM-designate Saad Hariri and Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil, Khoury confirmed that the channels of communication remained open; however, he made clear that a meeting between both men was determined by "some breakthrough" in the governmental formula, a thing which has not occurred so far.

On the return of Syrian refugees to their homeland, Khoury explained that the "Strong Lebanon" Parliamentary bloc was one of the first proponents of this matter.

"The Russian-American agreement has led to an internal consensus on this dossier, which will facilitate and accelerate a safe return of refugees," Khoury said, stressing the need to communicate with the Syrian regime to facilitate the refugees' return.

Source: National News Agency