KAUST Research Study Enhances Preserving Coral Reefs in Red Sea

Jeddah, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) has conducted a study to enhance preserving coral reefs in the Red Sea from the increasing temperature of seas and oceans resulting from global warming and climate change.

The study, which is being conducted with the participation of experts and researchers from the university, focuses on a certain type of coral reefs that carries the scientific name Mussismilia hispida. The study showed that these reefs change their interconnection, which made researchers create strong biological helpers with the use of the same reef and its associated bacteria that live inside its tissue through grinding and soaking it in seawater solution and launching the bacteria and isolating hundreds of its species to study their genetic and metabolism ability.

The study chose six bacteria series based on their ability to stimulate the natural immunity response for the coral reef.

Source: Saudi Press Agency