Interior Ministry Security Spokesman: Arrest of a Citizen Adopts “Daesh” Thought, Tried to Carry out a Terrorist Act in Bakiriya

Jeddah, The Security Spokesman of Ministry of Interior stated that security authorities, based on a provided information about the adoption of citizen Fawaz Abdul Rahman Eid Al-Harbi of terrorist "Daesh" thought and his intention to carry out a terrorist act, and when security forces attempted to arrest him at 1:30 a.m. on Wednesday, 1439/12 AH, he opened fire on security forces and then fled trying to stay out of sight, whereas he was tracked down and security authorities through their intensive investigations, managed to identify and monitor his whereabouts near Al-Souq neighborhood in Bakiriya governorate, and besiege and call on him to surrender himself. He got out of his car and wrapped his body with what resembles an explosive belt, firing heavily at security men which required a similar response and fully neutralized his danger and then transferred him to a hospital. None of pedestrians or security men were injured.

In his possession, the followings were found:

1 - A machine gun, 359 live rounds, and a holder of five magazines.

2 - A pistol and 2 magazines.

3 - 30 gunshot pistol rounds.

As the Ministry of Interior announces this, it confirms that it will deal with all force and firmness with all those who seek to undermine the security of the Kingdom and its citizens and residents.

Source: Saudi Press Agency