Hariri’s visit to France not linked to government formation: PM press office

In a press release by the Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri, it said: "Some newspapers published today information it attributed to high-level political sources saying that the visit of Prime minister-designate Saad Hariri to France aimed to ask the French President Emmanuel Macron to intervene with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to facilitate the formation of the government. They also mentioned a French advice to Prime Minister Hariri not to wait for an American green light but rather to quickly activate the channels of communication with the Russian side, which is influential in the regional equation, to accelerate the formation of the new government.

The Press Office of Prime Minister Hariri would like to clarify the following:

First, the recent visit of Prime Minister Hariri abroad was purely a family visit and did not involve any contacts or meetings with any official. In any case, his relationship with the Saudi leadership in general and the Crown Prince in particular is an excellent fraternal and direct relationship that does not require mediation from anyone.

Second: Propagating such fabricated news, issued by the same source, aims at distorting the facts and blaming the delay in forming the government on external factors, specifically the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, while everyone knows that the Kingdom did not and does not intervene in this purely internal Lebanese matter. The most it wishes for is that the government be formed as soon as possible, to contribute in supporting Lebanon, its state and economy, as was evident from its stance during the CEDRE conference.

Third: The efforts exerted by the Prime Minister-designate to carefully bring the views closer and narrow the differences between the various parties, aim to form a national entente government that is politically balanced and in which all forces participate, away from any external interference, to be able to carry out the tasks and responsibilities that the Lebanese expect."

Source: National News Agency