Hajj Grand Symposium opens

Makkah, Minister of Hajj and Umrah Dr. Mohammed Saleh bin Tahir Benten today opened the 43rd session of Hajj Grand Symposium held under the theme "Honor of Time and Place: Shown in comfort and Security" in the attendance and participation of a host of scientists, thinkers, men of letters and intellectuals from the Islamic countries.

Addressing the gathering, Minister Benten said the symposium was designed to send clear messages to would-be pilgrims that the event is a platform of peace from a peaceful point where they come from all parts of the world to consolidate the meaning of Hajj reflected in amicability, and fraternity among Muslims, implying with the teachings of Islam.

He stressed the role of senior Ulema and thinkers of the Islamic world taking part in the symposium to translate the concept of Hajj as a congregation through which they communicate and appeal to Allah to ease their living and lasting worlds.

Source: Saudi Press Agency