GPIC’s industrial training 2018 launched

Students from several Universities and Educational Institutions are training at the Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company (GPIC) in July and August as part of the Company's keenness to support civil society organisations and contribute to the development of students' skills.

University of Bahrain Vice President of Programmes and Graduate Studies Dr. Waheeb Al-Nasser visited GPIC complex to mark the launch of the training programme.

Dr. Al-Nasser said he was delighted students are at GPIC during the summer when there are no studies, so that they could take advantage of programmes the Company implements to sharpen their skills and give them an insight into the world of work.

He said the Company the students would be exposed to practical training opportunities at the Company's plants and work on modern and sophisticated facilities that follow the world's best systems in operation and management.

Dr. Al-Nasser praised the co-operation between the university and GPIC and said the two are engaged in real and effective partnership in the interest of the students. He said GPIC had taken concrete steps in the last few years in the field of development and training.

He said this is undoubtedly due to GPIC's belief in the pivotal role of education and training in supporting Bahrain's overall development process in a manner that achieves the objective of investing in the human resources.

Dr. Al-Nasser praised the important role GPIC plays in the area of social responsibility and said it was not only provided training to students but also contributed directly to supporting various development programmes. He stressed social responsibility provides an opportunity for companies to make concrete contributions and initiatives in the interest of the community. Dr. Al-Nasser asked the trainees to make the best use of the opportunity and praised their enthusiasm.

GPIC President Dr. Abdulrahman Jawahery thanked H.E. Dr. Al-Nasser for his participation and said his attendance was a morale booster for the students. He said the training allows students to identify the challenges of the real work environment and helps them develop their knowledge and abilities to cope with their jobs requirements in the future.

He said the Company had already made preparations to the students, who would be distributed to appropriate sections depending on their specialties. Qualified trainers, he said, would be at hand to coach students on the fundamentals of work and monitor their performance. He also said students have to give a detailed account of the work they have been assigned and how they deal with it.

Dr. Jawahery noted the promise shown by students each year and stressed he always felt there was within them a spirit of enthusiasm and willingness to work.

Dr. Jawahery thanked all Company officials and employees for their cooperation to train students according to the best standards and provide them with the information required according to the responsibilities they are entrusted. He said GPIC would continue its cooperation with Bahrain's higher education institutions since it believed in the importance of carrying out its duties towards society. He said the students take part in the development of society and represent the nucleus of Bahrain's prosperous future.

Each year, GPIC prepares a practical training programme for students enrolled in local and foreign universities, who are trained in its various departments according to their academic specialization. He said this enables them with an opportunity to discover concepts related to the requirements of the labour market and to help them understand the value and importance of training.

This year, the Company is hosting the largest number of students ever and providing them with appropriate training programmes.

GPIC's Academy of Leadership and Learning plays a vital role in the training process and the development of the Company's cadres and instructors. It has the latest equipment, including a scale model of the plant. Qualified engineers and operators, in addition to a simulator which enables the trainee to monitor operations and training on the different scenarios that may occur during the actual operations, are also at hand.

Source: Bahrain News Agency