General Directorate of Health Affairs in Eastern Region to Launch Int’l Conference of “KSAPT 2021” on Saturday

Dammam, The 3rd International Conference on Knowledge, Skill & Ability in Pharmacy and Toxicology (KSAPT) 2021 will be launched here on next Saturday.
The Conference will be organized by the General Directorate of Health Affairs in Eastern region in cooperation with the Saudi Pharmaceutical Society represented by the Pharmacists Club in the region, with the participation of 60 speakers and arbitrators.
The 6 day Conference will highlight the modern and research practices in the field of pharmacy and toxicology, the importance of joint education between health professionals and the development of new health innovations.
The Saudi Commission for Health Specialties has approved “100” hours for the conference and 33 hours of continuous professional development from the British Commission.
The KSAPT 2021 Conference’s activities include competitions and programs, accredited and specialized workshops in Healthcare Risk Management, leadership and change management in health care, infection prevention and control, in addition to marketing of health care centers and hospitals as well as innovation in health care and best practices in technology transfer in pharmaceutical sector.


Source: Saudi Press Agency

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