Future bloc: Consensus and dialogue are the only way to form a government

Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri chaired the meeting of the Future parliamentary bloc at the Center House.

At the end of the meeting, MP Nazih Najem read the following statement:

First: The bloc discussed the details related to formation of the government and the accompanying stances and media leaks that reveal where the problems lie and what their reasons are, which all Lebanese know now. Therefore there is no need to shed light on them or pour oil on the debates of the concerned parties. The bloc praised Prime Minister Saad Hariri's patience, his wisdom in approaching this constitutional issue, and his way to deal with the many campaigns that target him.

The bloc noted the ball of the formation is in his court in accordance with the Constitution and the Taif Agreement to which Prime Minister Hariri is attached. He refuses as well that they be traded with any other texts, despite the attempts by some to find new rules.

The bloc emphasizes the internal dimensions of the constraints of forming the government, and refuses to disregard them in favor of allegations of external insinuations. At the same time, it notes that some have sent direct messages stating that the government's formation awaits the prior approval of the Syrian regime. The prime minister considers this to be destined to external consumption and unrealistic.

The bloc stresses that internal consensus is the only way for the birth of the government and the regularization of the work of the constitutional institutions, which the Prime Minister-designate is working on, in cooperation with the President of the Republic, and through communication with all the leaders. Prime Minister Hariri will continue doing this and using dialogue to solve the problem, and launch the wheel of government action.

The Prime Minister-designate will take initiatives when the national interest requires it, and will not retreat from the quest to form a national entente government that takes into consideration the obligations of the confidence given by parliament and the necessity of reaching a formula that will launch the economy and reforms that the Lebanese and the friends aspire to.

Second, the bloc expressed its regret for the political and media campaigns and sectarian strife that accompanied the movement of the powership on the social media. It saw in this a reason to notice the sensitivities inherent to Lebanese society and avoid turning every disagreement into an issue that opens the wounds of the past and manipulates the emotions of innocent citizens.

The electricity crisis will not find solutions on social networks, or in sectarian stances. The Lebanese people is fed up with this kind of political pursuit, and has been looking for years for a serious and lasting exit from the tunnel of darkness that does not distinguish between regions and sects. The only solution will be by turning the government into a workshop that will devise solutions and put an end to the extortion of the private generators and the squander resulting from the chronic electricity deficit that does not distinguish between the Lebanese.

In this regard, the bloc discussed a report by the MPs of the north about the suffering of the region from power cuts and the lack of respect of the rationing schedule. The bloc called for a speedy solution to regulate the hours of rationing in a fair manner among all Lebanese regions. In the end, the solution remains hastening the final solution to the chronic problem of production in a way that satisfies the needs of all of Lebanon and puts an end to the deficit that costs billions of dollars to the state treasury.

Third: The bloc affirms its full solidarity with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and with the stance issued by the General Secretariat of the League of Arab States due to interference in its internal affairs and the positions announced by the Canadian State in this regard.

The Bloc calls on Canada to review its position in a way that serves the return of relations to normal and to overcome this dispute between two countries that were always linked by friendship and common interests.

Source: National News Agency