Future bloc calls on political parties to facilitate government formation

The Future parliamentary bloc held a meeting this afternoon under the chairmanship of Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri at the Center House, a statement by Hariri's press office said on Tuesday.

At the end of the meeting, the bloc issued a statement that was read by MP Rola Tabesh:

The Future parliamentary bloc held a meeting under the chairmanship of PM Saad Hariri at the Center House, during which it discussed the developments in the formation of the government and the efforts made by the Prime Minister designate.

First, the bloc reaffirms its confidence in the choices of PM Saad Hariri and his ability to overcome the obstacles hindering the formation. It praises his wisdom in approaching political differences and his continuous efforts to bring the views closer, keep dialogue under the ceiling of national interest and work to form a government at the level of the aspirations of the Lebanese and their bet to translate the parliamentary elections with a work team that can face economic challenges and regional risks.

The bloc noted that Prime Minister Hariri considers that monetary stability in Lebanon is preserved and that the economic situation will witmess a definite start immediately after the formation of the government, which will put CEDRE reforms and its consultative program at the top of its priorities.

Second, the bloc considers the escalation of political debate and the campaigns on the repartition of government shares as a factor that spoils the conditions favorable to the composition. It calls on all political forces to calm down and facilitate the task of the Prime Minister-designate, and expresses its satisfaction with the initiatives taken in this regard and the calls issued to stop media campaigns and activate contacts for the birth of the government.

Third, the bloc stresses that the task of forming the government is among the constitutional responsibilities entrusted exclusively to the prime minister-designate, in full cooperation and coordination with the President of the Republic, and that the ongoing consultations with the parliamentary blocs fall within these responsibilities, which are supposed to take into account at this stage of the history of Lebanon, the necessity of reaching a national entente government, which cooperates, with all its political components, to achieve the required reforms and address the economic, financial and administrative challenges that cannot wait to be solved.

Thus the bloc aspires to the pivotal role of President Michel Aoun in moving away from the circle of waiting, and going, with the Prime Minister-designate, towards formulating the final formula of the government's form and components. It also aspires to positive responses from the concerned forces to the efforts of the two presidents to achieve such a formula and embark on the government workshop.

Fourth, the bloc stresses that the formation and the accompanying political frictions are an internal Lebanese issue. Any claim that external pressures or conditions are exerted on the formation of the government falls within the framework of ignoring the real obstacles and throwing accusations on those who are far from intervening in the Lebanese internal affairs.

The bloc calls on the media and political entities and persons that are talking about external intervention to stop these allegations and distorting the facts.

Source: National News Agency