Fatat: Anyone wagering on Hariri’s surrender delusional

Member of Parliament, Sami Fatfat, said on Thursday that anyone wagering on the surrender of Prime Minister-designate, Saad Hariri, was absolutely delusional. He also stressed the paramount importance of halting the ongoing polemic for the sake of facilitating the formation of the cabinet.

Interviewed by "Oreint" radio station, the lawmaker warned that the higher the pitch of political blocs, the bigger the delay forming a new cabinet.

"Obstacles will increase, especially that each bloc has its own set of demands which entail more logic," Fatfat said.

"Things are going in a positive direction. We prefer negotiations to take place behind closed doors and not on social media pages or Twitter because this will delay the cabinet formation process," he added.

As for discussions involving Lebanon's relationship with Syria, the MP said, "Now is not the time for this conversation; a solution for this subject should be debated inside the cabinet with PM Hariri."

Responding to a question whether calls for holding a parliamentary debate session were an attempt to pressure Hariri, Fatfat deemed Berri's call for a session a mere political stance.

As for the President of the Republic's position concerning speeding up the formation of the cabinet, MP Fatat affirmed Aoun's concern for the country's best interest.

However, touching on the subject of legalizing the plantation of cannabis in Lebanon, the lawmaker assured that this subject was "hard to discuss today", asserting that legalizing hash was for use inside the country.

"We are against it, but if it were to provide money for the nation, then it must be controlled," he added.

Source: National News Agency