Erdogan: We will enter Qandil and Sinjar to protect the security of Turkey

BAGHDAD, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said his country's forces would continue their operation to destroy Kurdish insurgent strongholds in Iraq and Syria.

"Our forces will do what is necessary to protect our security, including the entry of Qandil, Sinjar, Afrin and Garables," Erdogan said in a speech to a mass rally in the southern province of Adana in the context of preparations for the early Presidential and Parliamentary elections scheduled for June 24.

"We have destroyed and will continue to destroy the PKK terrorist strongholds in the Qandil mountains," Erdogan said.

On March 10, Turkey launched a military operation in northern Iraq aimed at destroying the PKK camps and introducing units of its ground forces into the country, operating in conjunction with air strikes by Turkish warplanes for years.

Turkey regards the PKK as a terrorist organization inside and outside the country for three decades.

Turkish forces are also carrying out Operation "Olive Branch" in northern Syria, in cooperation with the Free Syrian Army, against Kurdish protection units, which it considers an ally of the PKK.

During the years 2016 and 2017, Turkey launched the "Euphrates Shield" operation against both the Daesh organization and the People's Protection Units and extended control over large areas in the north of the country from Garables to Izzaz in northern Syria.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency