Erdogan: Turkish Military Operations Will Continue In Northern Iraq Until Qandil And Sinjar Cleared From Terrorism

BAGHDAD, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced the continuation of Turkish military operations in northern Iraq until Qandil and Sinjar cleared from the PKK.

"Our operations in northern Iraq will continue until PKK's Qandil and Sinjar are cleared," Erdogan said at a meeting of his party's parliamentary bloc, according to Turkish media, added "I am determined to clear the area extending from Tel al-Abyad to Qamishli (northern Syria) ".

"We are implementing the road map agreement we have reached with the United States around Manbaj in northwest Syria in stages, and we will not stop until this region is cleared of terrorism."

The Turkish army has intensified military operations in eastern Turkey and northern Iraq, where it announced earlier, neutralizing 4 militants in raids carried out by fighter jets on the sites of the "PKK" in northern Iraq.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency