Embassy of Japan funds clearance of lands with unexploded cluster munitions in Tyre

The Embassy of Japan funds the Lebanese Association for Mine and Natural Disaster Action (LAMINDA) for their clearance operations in the Caza of Sour, in order to provide a safer living environment and improve the livelihood opportunities of the residents.

Marking the completion of the project on June 25, 2018, H.E. Mr. Matahiro Yamaguchi, Ambassador of Japan to Lebanon, attended a ceremony organized by LAMINDA, where the cleared lands were handed over to their owners.

The ceremony was also attended by Mr. Anwar Jammal, the CEO of Jammal Trust Bank, Brigadier General Ziad Nasr, Director of Lebanon Mine Action Center (LMAC) and the Mayor of Zebqine.

Through the Grant Assistance for Grass-roots Human Security Program (GGP), LAMINDA was able to provide a safer and better living environment to at least 25,000 residents of the villages of Hinnieh and Zebqine that suffered from the presence of cluster munitions during the wars.

During the ceremony, H.E. Ambassador Yamaguchi congratulated the land owners and praised LAMINDA's efforts in implementing the project and highlighted Japan's strong commitments to assist the local communities.

Meanwhile, Ret. Brig. Gen. Badwi El Sakkal, President of LAMINDA, expressed his deep appreciation for the Japanese support to people in Lebanon over the years. In addition, Mr. Anwar Jammal, introduced the microfinance scheme that JTB offers to assist the owners to re-invest in their recently cleared lands.

In turn, Brigadier Nasr gave a word thanking

Japan for its bounteous contributions in Lebanon, hoping that Japan's long standing support for the country will continue until the South is totally mine-free in 2020 � a set date on which South Lebanon should be declared free of cluster bombs.

Nasr also thanked the other associations which have been contributing to de-mining activities in Lebanon, stressing the need to continue joint efforts until Lebanon is totally mine-free.

Source: National News Agency