Education Minister to Participate Tomorrow in Preparatory Ministerial Meeting for Transforming Education Summit at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris

Riyadh-- Minister of Education Hamad Al Al-Sheikh is scheduled tomorrow to participate in the opening ceremony of the preparatory ministerial meeting for the Transforming Education Summit in Paris with the participation of more than 140 ministers.

The meeting aims at allowing participating countries to showcase the best results of national consultations and discussing their national commitment for transforming education, and offering national initiatives for each topic of the summit that is planned to be held in September, with working to create international partnerships to adopt these initiatives at a more comprehensive level, with exerting efforts for the meeting to be a cornerstone towards a global movement for education through displaying the top experiments of leading countries and effective education leaders in transforming education, providing a platform for children, the youth, parents and teachers to share their points of view regarding the summit’s topics and cooperate with stakeholders of transforming education.

The two-day meeting will be held with the participation of more than 1,000 in-person stakeholders in addition to welcoming several online participations.

Source: Saudi Press Agency