Edgar Traboulsi: To accelerate cabinet formation process for economic boost

MP Edgar Traboulsi on Tuesday implored the Prime Minister-designate and all the concerned political sides to endeavor to facilitate the formation of the new cabinet in the hopes that it would revamp the dire economic situation.

In a statement issued today, the lawmaker echoed a stern warning vis-a-vis the prevailing economic situation and said that it could not tolerate any sort of political wrangling and polemic.

He stressed the importance of having the new cabinet work on decreasing the public debt, improving the work of the department, and eleminating rampant fraud, not to mention being keen on not wasting loans provided to Lebanon by Cedre conference.

Traboulsi went on to support the idea of forming parliamentary committees on just basis and by having all political parties participate to push the country's economic wheel forward.

Touching on the Syrian refugees' dossier, the MP lauded the Free Patriotic Movement's support to Syrian refugees, helping them return safely to their country.

Source: National News Agency