Economical & Development Affairs Council Discusses Economic Issues

The Economical and Development Affairs Council has held a meeting via video conference.

During its meeting, the Council was briefed on a number of reports, presentations and transactions listed on its agenda, including the periodic report submitted by the Ministry of Health regarding health latest developments related to the coronavirus, and the periodic presentation submitted by the Ministry of Economy and Planning regarding the most prominent economic indicators.

Also, the Council followed up the presentation submitted by the Office of Strategic Management at Economical and Development Affairs Council relating to the quarterly report of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's Vision (2030).

The report included the most prominent achievements in terms of the strategic vision goals, a comprehensive overview of the quarterly performance, the schedule of evaluation of programs to achieve the Kingdom's Vision (2030) and the future outlook for the current year, which includes an analysis of the main challenges, existing efforts and decisions approved by the Council's Strategic Committee..

The Council was briefed on the presentation submitted by the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture regarding the progress in the Ministry’s work to enhance environmental protection.

The presentation included restructuring the environment sector, activating the new institutional framework for the sector, executive laws and regulation for the environment sector, developing vegetation cover and combating desertification, enhancing environmental commitment and protecting and developing Wildlife and biodiversity, protection of the coastal environment, upgrading waste management, upgrading meteorological services, the environment and financial sustainability fund for the sector and enhancing environmental awareness and community partnership, in addition to environmental agreements and international cooperation, and the most prominent challenges and recommendations.

The Council also reviewed, during its meeting, a presentation on the privatization system and the report of the supervisory committees in the sectors targeted for privatization, in addition to a presentation submitted by the National Development Fund on the state of infrastructure in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Regarding these issues, the Council made the necessary recommendations.

Source: Saudi Press Agency