Dr. Al-Hajraf Hails Saudi Arabia’s Call for Riyadh Agreement Two Parties to Respond to its Terms

Riyadh, The Secretary-General of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) for Arab States, Dr. Nayef Falah Mubarak Al-Hajraf, highly commended the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s outstanding efforts to support the security and stability of Yemen and its keenness to bring together all parties to Riyadh Agreement as well as its tireless follow up of the two parties' commitment to what was agreed upon, citing the Kingdom's call for the two parties to Riyadh Agreement to urgently respond to its terms and provisions.

He stressed the need to abide by the agreed-upon mechanism, and to put the public interest above all other considerations through fulfilling the implementation of the remaining provisions of the agreement, unite the ranks of the Yemeni people, prevent bloodshed and bridge the rift between its components towards achieving state security and stability as well as to support all efforts aiming to reach a comprehensive political solution that ends the crisis in Yemen.

Dr. Al-Hajraf also reiterated the GCC’s firm position in support of Yemeni legitimacy based on the three references represented in the Gulf initiative and its executive mechanism, the outcomes of the Yemeni National Dialogue and the Security Council Resolution 2216 to achieve security and stability in Yemen and put an end to the crisis of Yemen and the suffering of its people.

Source: Saudi Press Agency