Director of Yemeni Program for Demining highlights KSrelief MASAM Mine Action Project Achievements in Geneva

Geneva-- Director of the Yemeni Program for Demining, Ameen Al-Aqili said that the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSrelief) project “Masam” to clear Yemeni lands of mines, since the beginning of this year 2022 until now, has succeeded in dismantling and destroying 1,413 anti-personnel mines, and 31,343 anti-vehicles mines, 34,239 unexploded ordnance, and 1,319 explosive devices.

The Yemeni news agency "Saba" quoted Al-Aqili during his participation in the Twentieth meeting of the States Parties of the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention (Ottawa) in Geneva where he praise the Saudi role, through KSrelief, in clearing Yemeni lands of mines planted by the Houthi militia, reiterating the extension of the "Masam" project for another year in a row with the support of the center, saying: "The project is operating in 29 districts Yemen including Aden, Abyan, Al-Bayda, Al-Dhale, Taiz, Lahj, Al-Jawf, Saada, Marib, and Shabwa."

He pointed out that the national program in 2022 carried out 487 non-technical survey visits in the mine-contaminated areas in Yemen, which resulted in the discovery of 68 suspected dangerous areas with an area of 16.571 million square meters, and the number of 21 areas with an area of 25.917 million square meters, benefiting 542,782 people affected by mines. He also indicated that the basic survey operations were concentrated in the Yemeni governorates of Abyan, Aden, Al-Dhale, Lahj, Taiz, and Al-Hodeidah.

Source: Saudi Press Agency