Demonstration and sit-in in front of the oil fields west of Qurna north of Basra to demand the employment of the unemployed and improve services

Basra, Dozens of people demonstrated in the area of Azzedine Salim north of Basra on Sunday, "in front of West Qurna 2 oilfield to demand the employment of the unemployed and improve the service reality in the region.

The source told "the correspondent of the / NINA / Agency that the demonstrators staged a demonstration in front of the headquarters of the Russian company Lukoil working in the field of West Qurna 2 to renew their demands in the appointment and the advancement of services in the area.

In the same context "dozens of citizens of the Imam al-Sadiq district north of Basra continued their sit-in near the eighth oil station in West Qurna 1 for the ninth day in a row.

"The protestors cut off six roads leading to the oil companies in the field," the source said, in protest against the failure to meet their demands, which they handed over to the concerned authorities for some time, stressing that their sit-in continues until the implementation of their demands, called by the sit-in committee to improve services and electricity and the employment of the unemployed in oil companies instead of foreign workers.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency