Center for Palms and Dates in Al-Ahsa Enters Guinness World Records with 127 National Kinds of Date Palms

Al-Ahsa, Center for Palms and Dates in Al-Ahsa has registered a world record in the Guinness World Records through having more than 127 kinds of national and international kinds and registering the biggest bank of genetic origins of date palms in the world.

Center Director Khalid Al-Husseini noted that the center works on developing a database for date palms and preserving them from extinction, as well as facilitating studies and physiological and morphological research on these kinds and the level of its conformity to the local climate conditions.

He stressed that this achievement is added to other national accomplishments and seeks to realize the Saudi Vision 2030 goals in enriching the scientific aspect of researchers and specialists in the agricultural sector.

Source: Saudi Press Agency