Bukhari launches ‘Oumnia’ humanitarian initiative on Hajj pilgrimage

Saudi Minister Plenipotentiary Charge d'Affaire, Walid Bukhari, on Monday launched a humanitarian 'Oumnia' (Wish) initiative aimed to consecrate the culture of hope and giving.

The announcement came during a media gathering held at the Embassy headquarters in Beirut, during which Bukhari announced that around 33 wishes of people with special humanitarian cases were fulfilled to perform the Hajj pilgrimage ritual for this year.

"Oumnia" initiative has fulfilled Hajj aspirations for people with special needs or chronic diseases such as cancer, as well as family members of the Lebanese army's martyrs.

Special humanitarian cases were also chosen from the "Orphanage House" and the "Makassed Philanthropic Association."

Bukhari announced that all travel expenses were secured from ticket fees, accommodation and commuting in Mecca and Medina.

The Saudi envoy maintained that the Kingdom permanently seeks to serve mankind in a sustainable manner.

"We wanted through this initiative to reflect the positive and real face of the humanitarian and social work of the Saudi diplomacy, as well as to reflect the real role and face of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the service of humanity and capacity building," Bukhari corroborated.

The Saudi envoy also disclosed that "Oumnia" initiative shall not be confined to fulfilling wishes for Hajj pilgrimage, but shall also stretch throughout the year to include health and medical programs and umrah rituals.

Bukhari then distributed Hajj tickets to the 33 persons chosen by the initiative to perform Hajj pilgrimage, wishing them a blessed Hajj pilgrimage and a fulfilled religious duty.

In a press briefing following the launch of the humanitarian initiative, the diplomat said that the Saudi Embassy grants political forces visas for Hajj every year in a balanced manner, saying that the Embassy has issued around 15,000 visas for pilgrims in a record time.

In a reply to a question by media representatives, Bukhari brought to attention the statement issued yesterday by Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri's press office, in which he denied rumors circulating on social networks and some news sites on Hajj visas.

Bukhari said that contrary to unfounded information, Hariri confirmed in his statement that he has received from the Embassy 2000 pilgrims' electronic visas, with another 3,000 added in accordance with a pre-established agreement.

In response to another question about government formation, Bukhari stressed the Kingdom's utter keenness on Lebanon's security and stability, stressing the importance of a swift government formation.

Source: National News Agency