Bassil on ‘Lebanese Arak Day’: All roads will open, political life will resume between Lebanon and Syria

Caretaker Foreign Affairs and Emigrants Minister Gebran Bassil asserted that "all roads between Lebanon and Syria, Syria and Iraq, and Syria and Jordan will open, and Lebanon will resume its breathing through these terrestrial arteries," adding that "political life between Syria and Lebanon will be restored."

"The government will be formed with well-known and defined landmarks, without any changes," Bassil went on.

He assured that the people's will expressed in the long-awaited parliamentary elections would be respected, vowing to have a government that earns and builds trust and confidence.

Bassil's words came while he represented the President of the Republic at the celebration of the "Lebanese Arak Day" and "International Day of Tasting" organized by the Ministry of Agriculture, in cooperation with the Municipality of Zahle-Maalaqa-Tannayel and the Lebanese National Energy Association, held on Friday evening at the Zahle Municipal Park.

Source: National News Agency