Bassil, interlocutors tackle overall situation

Caretaker Foreign Minister, Gebran Bassil, on Thursday welcomed at his ministerial office "National Dialogue Party" head MP Fouad Makhzoumi, who briefed him on the outcome of his recent trip abroad.

On emerging, MP Makhzoumi stressed the dire need for a swift government formation in order to adopt the required legislations. He urged all sides to be fair in their demands for the welfare of the upcoming stage.

"We can not go in September to the United Nations and participate in the General Assembly without having a government, which will negatively affect the image of the country," he corroborated.

On the other hand, Minister Bassil met with the Assyrian representative in the Iranian Parliament, Head of the World Assyrians Forum, MP Yonatan Bet-Kolia, who declared that "the Forum was founded more than fifty years ago to protect the rights of the Assyrians wherever they exist."

MP Bet-Kolia said they intend to hold their annual conference in Lebanon from 20-23 September, deeming Lebanon as the country of "coexistence and loving between Christians and Muslims."

Bet-Kolia also noted that all religious denominators in Iran live in coexistence and peacefully.

Bassil also met with Canadian Ambassador to Lebanon Emmanuelle Lamoureux.

Source: National News Agency