Bahraini students shine at international forum

INJAZ Bahrain recently sent a delegation of alumni students, sponsored by Tamkeen, to participate in the first Global JA Worldwide Youth Forum held in Morelos, Mexico. The five-day forum saw 600 students in attendance, representing more than 50 countries, who partook in 50+ entrepreneurship activities and one business competition per day. Mohamed AlMakeerat and Turki Al Qahtani came in 1st and 2nd during the 'Pitch Competition' while Noor Benshams came in 2nd in the 'Change Makers' category. Abdulrahman Al Sabagh was also nominated to the finals of the IQ competition.

The first JA Worldwide Youth Forum was held in celebration of JA Worldwide's 100th anniversary and is part of an 18-month centennial celebration. Over 700 people attended including JA staff, board members, students and chaperons from around the globe. Attendees benefited from world-class keynote speakers, alumni panels, entrepreneurial workshops, recreational and team-building activities and more.

H.H. Shaikha Hessa Bint Khalifa Al Khalifa, Chairwomen of INJAZ Bahrain, commented: We are extremely proud of the accomplishments our sons and daughters, students of INJAZ Bahrain, achieved on the global stage. I would like to extend a heartfelt congratulations to all the winners and wish all our students continued success in their future endeavors. We would also like to thank Tamkeen for sponsoring the trip and making this opportunity possible.

The Bahrain delegation consisted of eight people: Bayan Ahmed, Noor Benshams and Mohamed AlMakeerat (University of Bahrain). Noor Ramzi Al Awadi, Yousif Khalid Al-Isa and Abdulrahman Al Sabagh (Bahrain Polytechnic). Turki Al Qahtani (Ibn Khuldoon National School) and Fatima Abdulrahman (INJAZ Bahrain) who served as chaperon.

Mohamed AlMakeerat won 1st place during the 'Pitch Competition' while Turki Al Qahtani grabbed second in the same category. The competition is judged based on entrepreneurial culture based on pitch and mentorship, entrepreneurial talent, problem solving in specific market segments and is a practice opportunity on how to approach investment funds.

In the 'Change Makers' competition, students dressed up as their favorite changemaker in history and deliver a presentation to the forum. Noor Benshams won the 2nd place spot presenting as HRH Princess Sabeeka Bint Ebrahim Al Khalifa, Wife of the King of Bahrain and President of the Supreme Council for Women.

Mohammed AlMakreet, Student at the University of Bahrain and 1st place finisher in the 'The Pitch' category, commented: It's a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I never felt so much in the span of only one week; excitement, pride, enthusiasm and love. It was a roller-coaster of achievements and challenges that we overcame together as a family. The moment they announced my name as the winner, everything went silent, only Bahrain's name was echoing.

Noor Benshams, University of Bahrain Student and 2nd place finisher during the 'Change Maker' category, commented: Being united with JA students from across the globe has flipped a switch in me. I am now definitely more aware of different cultures and the many diverse personalities. However, the main revelation has been the realization that youth from around the globe are making many dreams possible. One of them being the search for unity and standing as global citizens shoulder to shoulder.

Since its establishment in 2005, INJAZ Bahrain aims to arm the youth with the necessary skills and understandings to take on the work force in the world of finance and entrepreneurship. The organization was able to reach 160,000 students from more than 250 schools and universities through 5,000 volunteers.

Source: Bahrain News Agency