Arab ministers praise Saudi Arabia’s leadership role in chairing ALECSO’s Executive Council

Tunis, The General Conference of the Arab Organization for Education, Culture and Science (ALECSO) with the participation of a number of ministers and heads of the national committees for education, culture and science in Arab countries, praised in its 26th session here today the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's leadership role in chairing the Executive Council since its election as president 10 months ago.

The General Conference affirmed that by reviewing the report submitted by the representative of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Chairman of the Executive Council of ALECSO, Hani bin Moqbel Al-Moqbel, it indicates the importance of a qualitative shift in the performance of the Executive Council, accompanied by strengthening the confidence of the Arab member states in the ability to lead the transformation in the Organization, which made the member states participate in this stage in all areas of the organization's work to serve it and strengthen its programs and partnerships in the Arab world.

The General Conference commended the initiative of the Chairman of the Council to develop a road map for the Executive Council, which was built according to a clear methodology based on the involvement of countries in building a common Arab vision to support and enable the organization to achieve its goals.

The ALECSO's General Conference pointed to the importance of the outcomes of the Executive Council meeting at its 116th session in Al-Ula last January, in which the Council worked to follow up on its implementation during the recent period, and resulted in the start of work on diversifying the organization’s funding sources and developing the Council’s internal system, a strategy for partnerships, enhancing marketing and media, and developing awards.

Source: Saudi Press Agency


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