Ali after visiting Bassil: Number of displaced Syrians wishing to return to their homeland is mounting

Caretaker Foreign Affairs and Emigrants Minister, Gebran Bassil, welcomed on Thursday at his ministerial office Syrian Ambassador to Lebanon, Ali Abdul Karim Ali, with talks between the pair reportedly touching on the current situation of the displaced Syrians in Lebanon.

On emerging, Ambassador Ali said he assured Minister Bassil that the number of the displaced Syrians wishing to return to their homeland is increasing.

Ali said that Syria welcomes all displaced Syrians wishing to return to their homeland, saying "Syria facilitates their return upon the guidance of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad."

The Syrian ambassador also indicated that talks touched on the Russian initiative for the return of Syrian refugees to their homeland, deeming such an initiative as "positive" that contributes in coordination with the Syrian leadership to facilitating and overcoming all obstacles in the face of displaced Syrians' return.

"Such an initiative facilitates [refugees] return, especially that the leadership in Syria and President Asad in person, did not place any impossible conditions... On the contrary, all facilities are being provided to eliminate any obstacle," Ali corroborated.

Ali also assured that the horizons of war in Syria have come to an end with Syria nearing an imminent victory over all futile bets.

In reply to a question about the recent Russian delegation's visit and talks about the formation of joint committees between Lebanon and Syria, Ambassador Ali stressed: "all initiatives must pass through Syria, and if not, things are not in the right track."

Source: National News Agency