ABEGS Holds 1st Meeting for Education Colleges Deans in Member States

Riyadh, The Arab Bureau for Education for the Gulf States (ABEGS) held today virtually the first meeting of deans of education colleges in member states.

ABEGS Director General Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Asmi said that the bureau, based on its strategic goals, seeks to implement programs that enhance education cooperation among the member states until developing educational programs and keeping pace with modern international plans according to the international models and expertise.

He added that the development of the educational process will not achieve envisioned results without having efficient teachers that are prepared well from scientific, cultural and professional aspects that make them able to translate these plans, ideas and strategies into a reality.

He also referred to the responsibility of education colleges in updating their programs and plans, as well as their educational and academic strategies to keep pace with the accelerating developments that guarantee providing proper knowledge, skills and efficiencies that meet the needs of teachers.

Source: Saudi Press Agency