A trial of a British element of Daesh planned to assassinate Theresa Mai started

BAGHDAD, The trial of a British element of Daesh terrorist organization, who planned to assassinate British Prime Minister Theresa Mai in a suicide attack, has begun in Britain.

During the court hearing, Attorney General Mark Haywood said that Na'imur Zakaria Rahman, a 20-year-old London-born, was planning a suicide attack on Theresa Mai at Downing Street and her assassination with a "knife and an explosion."

His plan was unveiled last September and MI5 agents continued to be identified as "Daesh" elements.

The prosecutor presented the letters exchanged by the accused with the intelligence men, in which he spoke of his desire to join a sleeper cell to organize a "Daesh" and to target the headquarters of the British parliament with a suicide bombing and the assassination of Theresa Mai.

Na'imur Zakaria Rahman was arrested last November, days before his plans were carried out, prosecutors said.

In addition to Rehman, a second young man, Mohammed Akeib Omran, 22, from Birmingham, plans to travel to Syria to join the Daesh organization. Rahman is also accused of helping Omran in his preparations for travel to Syria.

Rahman denied all the charges against him.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency