A Number of Ambassadors to Saudi Arabia Admire Buraidah Dates Festival, Lauding its Organization, Volume of Buying Force and Programs

Buraidah, Saudi Arabia, Buraidah Dates Festival received a number of ambassadors to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, who were briefed on the buying and selling in the festival, the events and programs presented by the festival.

Japanese Ambassador Iwai Fumio expressed admiration for the events and programs presented by the festival, praising the volume of sales as well as the excellence and quality of the product.

Moroccan Ambassador Mustafa Al-Mansoori also praised the festival, the abundance and diversity of the dates, as well as the good organization and preparation for such important economic events.

For his part, Mauritanian Ambassador Sayed Ali praised the efforts of the festival's organizers as well as the activities and programs presented to the visitors.

Source: Saudi Press Agency